Jeroen Den Haan @ihieronymous


So when a poet releases a book,then calls out IG for its support of "not so new" writers, you  are always expecting a bounce back of activity, and such was the case for the madly inventive Jeroen.

Suddenly a wave of features and attention followed, but the questions were , where were they before? Hey ho, no problem, we just waited till the euphoria dies down.

And of course here we are, a quiet spell, and time for me to give some honest feedback  about this collection. Where to start is the problem!! How about the beginning? Ok, Here goes.

It looks and feels amazing. Its well thought out in concept and professionally delivered in the end result, I would of left the picture off of myself as it scared my kids and some adults too, but overall, its brilliantly done, and that is before the poetry!! One tiny criticism would of been poems starting on one page and finishing on another side, i.e turnoing the page to finish, but thats just me being a picky, finicky, OCD kinda twonk.

Anyone who has been a fan of Jeroens work, kinda knew what to expect, and I  was not disappointed, in fact my expectations were exceeded. There is a collection of such well written works between these pages, that it feels like visiting different areas of a mad geniuses brain, as this is truly diving into a rabbit hole inhabited by the Mad March Hare. He is one of a kind, his descript and flow, his rhyme , his cadence are sometimes so random , you then realise as you come back to earth with a bump, that he meant this randomness, and there in lies the genius.

Overall, anyone expecting a classic feel, poesque, trip into poetry might as well skip a lightfandango into a local bookstore. But if you want to see, hear and read poetry from another place, that is real, raw, funny and so nonpretentious, it is hitting you over the head with the neon sign saying I am not pretentious, then this is the book for you.

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Angela Marie Niemiec @angel_writer

Once Around The Halo

This was a patient and reserved wait for me, and chance to read this book, cover to cover more than once. I had received it a few weeks ago, but once again decided to hold fire to comment on the site and also wait for the usual furore to die down. And so, after reading "swan dive" for the umpteenth time over coffee (one of my heart wrenching and relatable favourites) thought it was about time.

So  the aesthetics? Well i guess you have to know and look at the writer to know how much care and attention to detail came with this project, and how much it shows in the look and feel of this work. It is beautifully crafted and laid out, with some incredible artwork from Tomasz Alen Kopera to compliment many of the pages and pieces within the book. But make no mistake, what is more beautiful and prevalent within the pages of this book, is just how much feeling, emotion, how much of Angela is embedded within the ink and paper.

This is a journey taken full circle, with every inhale of each new sentence and syllable, to every exhale expelled at the conclusion of every stanza. It touches every emotion of the reader, to the point where tissues turned to loo roll, as I am a blubber. I cannot do justice to how many times it left me breathless, and for all the right reasons.

Great writing can be developed, but some have it as a gift without truly knowing or using it to its full potential, I will let you decide which I think this is, but as for the book..........well, that is a triumph. 

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Should come with a tissue warning


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Amy Jack @embaark

Mind The Gaps

How excited was I to get a presale copy of this book, and privileged would not cover what I felt as I read and absorbed myself in the pages. I have always encouraged all the fam to put their words into book form, not only because they are so talented, but also it is their words and thoughts that inspire and form their legacy, and as such, this is an amazing legacy to leave behind.

The layers of descript and metaphor are so intricately woven , that you can be forgiven for losing the message or meaning in translation, but they are always there nestled in the inner most thought and each syllable points the way to there conclusion.

Amy has a unique and individual style, that is unrepeated in any other works you may read, and this only adds to the enjoyment. It is like learning a new language but ultimately the reward far outweighs the time put in. Its a trip to the pick and mix and the sweets are all free. I want more of the yellow brick road, as it truly does lead to a word wizard.

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A mindbending wonderful 9.5/10

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Josef Wolff @josefwolffpoetry

The Place Of Love: Lyrics and Poetry

Opened this with trepidation and was not disappointed with the journey that it took me on, through thought and feelings and all the things that come with it. The writing is succinct and weaved with a deftness of pen that transports you to the imagery evoked within each stanza.

Already a well established and genuine Instagram poet, Josef has taken the next step and published some of his work, but no process or descript is lost in the leap he has made, with all the pieces having the same time and forethought of description and feeling invested into them, there are no cut corners or short wins.

It envokes warmth and cold and all the colours involved in love and all the innermost  emotions too, its a journey of happy and sad, and questions, answers and what ifs. It is a great collection of skilled and beautoifully written works that is a coffee table while away. A triumph.

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A sumptuous 9/10

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Shaun Smith @ sos_poet

The Results Of A Failed Abortion

This was a hard one for me, but bear with, I will explain why. Firstly the look and feel is one of memory, like a trip down a rabbit hole filled with childhood dreams and the reality within. It is laid out beautifully, and a simplicity that takes nothing away from the contents inside, moreso magnifies.

It's a tough read in some places, but true beauty is within the angst and heart wrenching words contained within each sentence and syllable. It is an exorcism of sorts, or an adventure where you are cheering for the hero to emerge victorious. Reality and honesty are the two most important ingredients in this type of writing or poetry, that lead to a raw stripped back, bones and all collection of work, and this has it in glorious bags full.

My only criticism, was that we did not see enough of the emerging hero, stronger and healing at the end, but maybe we are all sat waiting for the secret ending clue, that tells us of the next installment. I hope there is, this was a tough triumph.

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A fingers crossed hoping for more 9/10

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